About New Academy Press

     New Academy Press was founded in 2011 after the discovery of an exciting cache of previously unpublished studies, geological surveys, scientific illustrations, and correspondence of unknown origin. New Academy immediately began to catalogue these mysterious historical artifacts in an effort to identify their authors and provenance.

     The primary connecting thread in this strange archive was The Society for Scientific Exploration, a group whose genesis and duration are largely uncertain at this time. Comprised of accomplished scientists, surveyors, academics, and adventurers, The Society ventured fearlessly into unknown regions and conducted extensive and illuminating ecological research. Their findings present evidence of rapid environmental changes, unfamiliar bestial evolutions, and perhaps even advanced planetary engineering that remains difficult to set within today's accepted scientific understanding. As intriguing details of the Society's ongoing investigations, the Press may soon be able to ix the Society into a historical timeline and locality. 

     In the spirit of collaborative study, New Academy Press reproduces and disseminates selected artifacts practicing a uniquely accurate screenprinting method, with images drawn using techniques similar to those employed by the original makers. This is an exhibition o some their most important findings, which afford the avid studier of natural history a window into aspects of this uncanny world. Taken as a whole, the work demands a new examination of the familiar and offers insight into the discoveries and livelihoods of The Society or Scientific Exploration.