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     New Academy Press was founded in 2011 after the discovery of an exciting cache of previously unpublished studies, geological surveys, scientific illustrations, and correspondence of unknown origin. They immediately began to catalogue these mysterious historical artifacts in an effort to identify their authors and provenance. Presented here is a small collection of those findings.


Society for Scientific Exploration

     A group whose genesis and duration are largely uncertain at this time. Comprised of accomplished scientists, surveryors, academics, and adventurers The Society ventured fearlessly into unknown regions to conduct extensive and illuminating ecological research. Their findings presentevidence of rapid environmental changes, unfamiliar bestial evolutions, and perhaps even advanced planetary engineering that remains difficult to set within accepted scientific understanding.



expedition 01.jpg

Expedition 01

Expedition 01 - SSE210113 - The Society's staunch explorers make ready to depart from camp along the rumbling torrent of the Abafi River. No longer available for purchase.


Insect Shadow boxes

Available or purchase

Spider Moths - Tineranea Nanus, Tineranea Crocus, Tineranea Perlucidus - SSE450112
Impersonating more menacing creatures allows these lepidoptera to keep less intrepid attackers at bay.

Ruby-Plated Recluse - Tegumentum Virulentus, Dusk Beetles - Dissimulo Amigdalatis, Cave Devil - Thelyphonida Comosus - SSE450212
This selection of troglodytes displays a pair of competant hunters and their unwitting prizes.

Crawling Leaf - Folealus DeceptusMoss Walker - Arborimotus Magia - SSE450312
A slow and inconspicous lifestyle can equal survival in the perilous state of the jungle.

The Desert Ghost Moth - Terramiculum Sabula - SSE450413
Celebrated for its subtle coloring, this allusive species makes for difficult prey.

Leaf Lure Tiger BeetleFolcorium Laqueus - SSE450613
Attracted by lucious, green bait, unsuspecting prey wander into the grasp of this devious beetle's pincers.

Foliated Tree Skimmer - Innitare Surculus - SSE450713
With resolute poise, this dubious dragonfly is willing to wait for the perfect meal.

Black Glass Beetle - Concastra Obsidian, Marching Crystal - Concastra Calcite, Iron-Armoured Beetle - Concastra Magnetite - SSE450813
The covert Concastra genus takes inspiration from the minerals of its homeland to form hardened, protective elytra, or wing casings.


Tree Portraits

This series of portraits outlines several discovered tree varietals with a depiction of suspected root systems. Available for purchase


Fish Studies

From left to right. All specimen available for purchase.

Stoney SoldierfishPugnas Materia - SSE230314
Because of her rocky cosmoid scales, this lumbering swimmer is known as a steadfast defender of her family.

Mengu Bonefish - Lapis Larvus - SSE230114
An armoured aggressor, this masked combatant comes equipped to face any opponent.

Cavebeak - Protelus Absconditus - SSE230514
This surprisingly bashful duo's prominent projections are rarely seen in open waters.

Shallow Water Kusari - Leuisia Errantus - SSE230414
These unflappable travelers find confidence in a reliable coat of protective scales.

Plated Longbeard - Protegatus Nervisia - SSE230214
This wisened lunker counts his years with ribbed protrusions.




b 01.jpg


C. Marshall BarretT

Survey & Map Company

By all reports, the company's namesake was an obstinate explorer and business man. Unyielding in his mission to investigate and map the known worlds, he pushed his teams to navigate some of the most treacherous landscapes ever discovered. The C. Marshall Barrett Survey & Map Company maintained its prominent reputation by employing the most accomplished technicians in their fields. Surveyors, cartographers, photographers and illustrators worked tirelessly to present beautiful and intricate representations of the terrains they explored and catalogued.


Surveyed Landscapes

These finely detailed landscapes illustrate the worlds the C. Marshall Barrett company worked to survey.

survey 01a.jpg

Survey 01

Survey 01 - CMB200114 - Promising signs of forestation arise in an otherwise barren, icy landscape. Available for purchase

survey 02a.jpg

Survey 02

Survey 02 -CMB200214 - As noxious gases in the atmosphere diminish, unimpeded growth spreads across this mountainous terrain. Available for purchase


Hand-Drawn Maps

Our collection of hand-drawn, screen printed maps from the C. Marshall Barrett archives is continually growing.


TerrenE 002

Terrene 002 - CMB400114 - Contained within this thorough terrain survey is a timeline of local ecological changes. Available for purchase